Kitchen gadgets that make you scream

- Sep 29, 2017-

1. bicycle Pizza Cutter

It's a great pizza cutting tool. Oh, sometimes pizza just comes out so hot that it's inconvenient to use it directly, but it's too cumbersome to use forks and knives! As soon as the bicycle wheel rolls over, the pizza is cut up by the worker. Maybe a lot of people will say "chopsticks", but don't you think it's strange to eat pizza with chopsticks? The pizza fork can avoid trouble and just clean it after eating. But it is compact, when not in use is a good small ornaments, is a cute gift oh!

2. banana slicer

Bananas eat plenty of intestines, and many people also like to eat salads. How hard it is to cut a banana with a knife. A banana slicer lets you slice the banana in one second. Just put the bananas in place and press the slicer over the top. Cut the sliced bananas straight into the plate toward the salad plate, and the salad will be ready soon.

3. pack dumplings artifact

Dumplings we love to eat, but for every lazy cancer people, instant dumplings are not delicious, and their own bags too troublesome. Now there is a dumpling maker. Just one click, and a delicate dumpling is wrapped up. Mom, don't worry, I'll be hungry.

4. bag hook

In the office, have you ever tried, when tired to drink tea, tea bag in the cup, drink in the cup is not always sloshing, fall into the cup inside, very inconvenient. You can try the tea bag hanging on the hook, the hook down before you drink, let the tea soaked in water, ready to drink tea will hook up bags will be out of the water.

5., kiwi spoon scoop

In the late stages of "lazy cancer," people give up when they want to eat fruit and make their hands dirty. The digging spoon of the kiwi spoon can easily remove the outer skin of kiwi fruit. The cutting knife can cut the kiwi into small pieces, and the tail fork can also be eaten by fork. It is really a super intimate knife.

6. egg whisk

Some small partners, when playing eggs, will often be mixed with eggs, which finally eat very affect the taste. However, this egg whisk can help you avoid all this. Just put the eggs in the middle of the whisk, and press a hand lightly.