Kitchen oil treatment method

- Apr 22, 2018-

  1. Flour decontamination

  Flour is not as bad as soap or detergent in removing grease. The oil in the kitchen or the oil on your hands can be removed with a little flour.

  2. Rice noodle soup decontamination

  After the cooking oil or the liquefied gas stove is stained with oil, the thick rice soup can be used to coat the stove. After the rice broth is dried, it can be scraped with wooden chopsticks or plastic pieces, and the oil will be removed together with the rice soup.

  3. Hot alkaline water and washing products

  Soak a little soda ash with hot water and add an appropriate amount of washing powder or detergent. Stainless steel kitchen equipment uses such a solution to clean heavy oil-absorbing range hoods or cooktops.