Kitchenware taboo knowledge

- Apr 17, 2018-

  1. Do not cook green beans in wok

    Mung beans contain tannins. Under high temperature conditions, iron will produce black tannins, which will make mung bean soup black and have a special odor. It will not only affect appetite and taste, but it will also be harmful to the human body. When using the iron pot, it should also be noted that the frequency of frying when the fry is not too much, and the rust on the cooking utensils should be wiped before use. In addition, do not use iron cooking utensils to contain acid-base foods. When the new wok is cooked for the first time, the food will be dyed black. At this time, you can rub the bean curd residue several times in the pot to avoid food contamination.

     2. Stainless steel or iron pot to cut the traditional Chinese medicine

    Due to the variety of alkaloids and various biochemical substances in Chinese medicines, especially under heating conditions, a variety of chemical reactions occur with stainless steel or iron, which can cause the drug to fail and even cause some toxicity. So, it is still a casserole.

     3. Aluminum pan bogey dishes

    Aluminum pans have poor resistance to corrosion and chemical reactions in the presence of weak acids, weak bases, salts and other substances generate special compounds. Therefore, dishes, wine, and monosodium glutamate should not be stored in aluminum containers overnight. There are also eggs that should not be stirred in an aluminum pan because the egg white will turn gray when it encounters aluminum, and the egg yolk will turn green. When the aluminum pan is used for the first time, it is better to cook or hold the food with oil in order to increase the antiseptic ability. Do not store food or water overnight, and wash it after use.

     4. Do not use paint or carved bamboo chopsticks

    The paint applied on the chopsticks contains not only lead, benzene and other chemicals, but it is harmful to health, and it smells bad when it is heated, affecting appetite. The carved bamboo chopsticks look beautiful because of their filth, bacteria, difficult to clean, and easy to cause disease.