Knowledge in the kitchen

- Apr 20, 2018-

  1. Eat barbecue plus lemon detoxification

  When roasting meat, if the meat is placed directly on the meat rack, in addition to being thoroughly cooked, charcoal should be discarded to avoid eating carcinogens! Before eating, remember to add fresh lemon juice, in addition to add flavor, the vitC in the lemon Detoxification effect!

  2. Pineapple skin cook stainless steel pot

  Stainless steel pot is easy to get dark stains, difficult to scrub, now as long as the larger pot in the house plus water, put some pineapple, then put the smaller number of pots into the whole, boiled and rolled for 20 minutes, to be cold out, all Bright as new!

  3. Toothpaste cleaning refrigerator rice cooker

  If the refrigerator and rice cooker in your house are white, you may experience yellowing after a long time. When cleaning, you may try to squeeze some toothpaste and scrub gently to make you have an unexpected bright white light.

  4. Expired milk can be decontaminated

  When the milk is out of date and cannot be drunk, we can soak the rags inside to wipe the table and the floor. The dirt can be removed quickly!