Manual egg beater cannot be replaced

- Apr 21, 2018-

  The manual eggbeater is one of the must-haves for West Point. Some people say that I have electric at home and I don't need to use it manually. In actual fact, making West Point usually requires an electric egg beater and a manual egg beater. Such as making chiffon cake, electric used to fight protein paste, manually used to beat egg yolk paste. Because Qi Feng needs to make the cake body soft, it is also recommended to use manual egg beater instead of electric egg beater when mixing flour. The professional eggbeater's manual egg beater has a good hardness, and it is effortless to play eggs.

  The manual egg beater is mainly used for mixing and stirring ingredients such as batter and eggs, and it is also used by professional roasters to beat egg whites and butter. The number, thickness, and hardness of the hand-operated egg beater differ in the manner in which air is mixed when it is dispensed. The manual egg beater with more metal wires and more elasticity can easily wrap more air when whipped, which is suitable for the whole egg, egg white and light cream. The thick and hard-wired manual egg beater is more suitable for buttering and stirring soft doughs, such as butter cookie dough.