Manual or electric egg beater is good?

- Apr 21, 2018-

  Manual egg beater: It is generally used when it is easier to stir, such as stirring vinegar in a Western food salad, stirring eggs in Chinese food, stirring butter, and some simple batter, etc., because the manual egg beater Just need to rely on the power of the hand to stir, so it is very difficult to send egg white or fresh cream.

  Electric egg beater: The use of electric egg beater is relatively wide, such as sending fresh cream, butter, egg white and whole egg, etc., all need electric egg beater. Electric egg beaters are divided into handheld and desktop models. The electric egg beater on the photo is a hand-held egg beater and is also suitable for home use. The desktop egg beater is generally used in the West Point Cake Shop and is suitable for a relatively large number of materials.