Many people have a prejudice against plastic sports bottles

- Mar 19, 2018-

Since 1909, when Americans Baekeland first synthesized phenolic plastics, it was used as a new type of material, which was light, cheap, and widely used. It was sought after by the world. The plastic bag invented by Mr. Max has won the Nobel Prize, but at present the plastic bag is already one of the culprits causing environmental pollution. This invention has also been criticized by everyone nowadays, and various plastic limit orders have emerged endlessly, so that some people All believe that as long as it is a plastic product is toxic, it is harmful to human health. With the development and improvement of science and technology, plastic cups, sports bottles, space cups and bottles with PC as the main raw material are detected to release toxic substances at high temperatures and long-term use. The development of plastics in daily life products is undoubtedly no doubt. It is covered with a layer of haze.

Due to people’s pursuit of quality of life and health, the environmental protection requirements for plastic raw materials in the market have also been increasing. PC plastic cups have been restricted in many countries. In this context, new types of health and environmental protection materials become inevitable because At present, there is no material that can exceed this material in plastic in a wider range of quantities and applications. The continuous development of food-grade materials such as PP, PE, tritan, and silica gel has gradually replaced traditional PCs and non-degradable materials. As long as after strict quality and production checks, these kinds of materials, plastic cups, sports bottles, and space cups are completely safe and non-toxic. It can be used as a daily necessities.

Many people are always worried that plastics are poisonous. This is correct, but they cannot be used with colored glasses to see the development of a more complete sports bottle. Isn't the disposable cups used in daily life better than the quality and quality of the sports bottles in TRITAN? The water bottle is repeatedly soaked with boiling water. The usual cups have several filtering functions. We have been in a polluted environment for a long time, and more often we control the use of these disposable plastic products. Instead of doubting the development of technology to benefit society and the environment. Isn't health more important than solving the problems of plastic materials? The premise is, of course, to choose a sports bottle made by a regular manufacturer, rather than a shoddy thing.