Non-stick cake baking tray use matters needing attention

- Apr 27, 2018-

1. Do not use sharp metal products, scouring pads and chemical cleaners.

2. Do not leave the baked or unbaked product in the baking mold. The corrosion caused by the moisture, sugar, and starch accumulated in the product will corrode and oxidize the metal material on the bottom of the coating.

3. Try to avoid collisions and frictions caused by careless operation, causing non-stick coating abrasion or scratches.

4. Be careful when storing and stacking to keep the appliance dry. Do not store it in a damp place.

5. Take and place it up and down when using it to avoid causing the non-stick coating to wear or scratch.

6. The non-stick coating is operated under a wide range of high and low temperature differentials for a long time, resulting in small cracks that cause residual material to erode without coating, resulting in the non-stick coating losing its non-stick properties. To prevent this from happening, we suggest that the baking temperature of non-stick appliances should be less than 240°C to extend the service life; non-stick appliances should avoid uneven heating; non-stick appliances should not be burnt.