Our country's silicone ice tray customization product advantages can not be compared in any country

- Apr 01, 2018-

As people pay more and more attention to health, plastic products have been quickly eliminated by the market, and now many people choose to buy silicone products, silicone products are both environmentally friendly and safe, which also brought a great deal to our silicone ice tray customization products Business.

     For silicone ice cube products, China has a huge market demand. The investment focus of the world's rubber industry has turned to developing countries, especially China. China is becoming the world's tire and silicone ice lattice custom processing base and the world silicon rubber market competition key areas.

    With the rapid increase in the market demand for silicone ice trays in the country, China has become the world's leading consumer of silicone ice cube products, while foreign countries and regions that produce major silicone products will also increase their efforts to expand the market in China. Custom products will also be more and more.

   The production capacity of silicone products in neighboring countries Japan and Russia has exceeded 1 million tons per year, while the silicone rubber industry in South Korea, China's Taiwan region and Southeast Asia are also developing rapidly. At the same time, among the main varieties of silicone rubber in China, butadiene-butadiene rubber (BR) has been able to meet domestic demand, and the construction of styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) devices is also accelerating, and it may be surplus in the next few years. In recent years, domestic enterprises have imported The increasing number of anti-dumping lawsuits filed by silicone rubber indicates that the future competition in the domestic silicone market will become increasingly fierce.

   China's silicone ice cube customization has four major competitive advantages. The healthy development of the silicone rubber industry depends on continuously accelerating its technological progress and strengthening the development of high-performance product varieties. At present, the competitive advantage of China's synthetic rubber industry lies in:

    There is a certain core technical support. China has established a relatively complete product system including seven major types of rubber, among which are SSBR, SBS, and BR with strong core technology support. The market share in the domestic market is relatively high, and capacity can be expanded in time according to the development of market capacity, which is conducive to further expanding market share. Products such as ethylene propylene rubber (EPR), nitrile rubber (NBR) and butyl rubber (IIR) have been introduced into technical construction devices. The products have successfully entered the market and have certain development in terms of device capabilities and product brands, and will be further expanded in the future. The ability laid the foundation for the market and technology. It is believed that in the near future more and more people will use silicone ice cube products to bring more diversified factors to our lives.