Outdoor Travel Fold Creative Bottle

- Mar 15, 2018-

  This is a creative and stylish kettle, food grade silicone, using high quality and environmentally friendly silicone (PDA certification), the product passed FDA testing, and the EU standard testing, the same with the baby bottle, on the market Many of the dozen or twenty are plastic shoddy products. Due to people's pursuit of quality of life and health, the environmental protection requirements for silicone raw materials in the market are also increasing, non-toxic and tasteless; unique design, cup body can be folded freely, It's more convenient to travel outdoors. This summer has made you the best. I'm well prepared and I just want to make you more like it. Not all cups can make you heartily, it is a fashion plaything!

  One-handed, portable, portable, leak-proof seal, perfect travel without burden!

  Trend four-color, there is your favorite, sports partner 530ML capacity to meet the daily exercise required water, cup temperature -40 to 230, pressure resistance, have to say that this kettle processing process is very special, from the subtle silicone material , Ultra light, strong, no cracking) Extrusion stretching and made through a complex process.

  First, super toughness (the cup body part uses the silicone material softness has the toughness impact resistance super strong, the random compression does not have the deformation), also may prevent the kettle from seriously deforming when dropping.

  Second, this kettle is a creative breakthrough, the real folding kettle, replacing the tedious bundled kettle, folded up and put bags, pockets, hang to OK, shoelaces more convenient.

  Third, the use of environmentally friendly silicone (100% product material through ROHS, BPA and the US FDA and the EU's RACH and LFBBT testing, food-grade health materials, can withstand high temperatures up to 230 degrees Celsius without producing any toxic substances).

  Drinking a baby needs a good cup, a good cup, not a product, but a life!