Pay attention to the maintenance of silicone products

- Mar 12, 2018-

         Now we are talking about health, that product is also in need of maintenance, such as car maintenance, computer maintenance, etc., that silicone products are not also need maintenance, the answer is needed.

       Silicone products, there is no problem on the use of life, can be very useful, but many of my friends about the use of silicone products is not bad, but discoloration deformed it, always let you have a taste of food, the feeling of abandoning it! For example favorite phone case, smart strap and so on. Then Dongguan City, Lin Feng Rubber Products Co., Ltd. for us to talk about silicone product maintenance needs to pay attention to what things.

       1, Silicone raw materials and liquid long-term touch will damage the function of the silica gel raw material to add the aging rate, so as far as possible less than the touch of water or other substances in the process of using.

       2, the effect of ozone, oxygen and silicon molecular attack oxidation damage to the structure of silicon atoms, and then down the function of silica gel to become aging, stretching does not rebound phenomenon.

       3, high temperature, the effect of heat can cause silicone molecules cracking or crosslinking, will advance the speed of oxygen dispersion, and then catalytic oxidation results in product discoloration, deformation phenomenon.

       4, glare effect will lead to shorter light waves, the greater the energy, especially UV. Its effect on the silicone and heat similar, slightly different is the primary effect of light in the appearance of silicone. These can cause the silicone product to exhibit reduced functionality and product damage.

       For silicone product maintenance:

       1, the use of raw materials of silica gel, do not touch sharp cutting touch to prevent cutting damage.

       2, can not be placed in the local fire and heat high, simply burned.

       3, do not use heavy backlog or bending.

       4, in the process of using the needs of finishing can try to use dry cleaning, scrub with clean cloth, but also can be cleaned directly in warm water dry in the future placed on the local ventilation.

       5, there is stains can use toothpaste cleaning is also possible. To know is not easy to clean silicone products, so do not easy to clean and scrub and exposure.

       6, Silicone raw materials are static high adsorption products, so try not to put in the hair, dust and more local or organize a lot of trouble!