- Sep 29, 2017-

The composition of a peeler

The peeler is made up of handles and blades. The handle is made of plastic, wood, and steel.

The role of peeler

The utility model relates to a potato peeler, which is especially suitable for peeling potatoes, radishes, melons, etc. with irregular shapes. The coat has a thimble rod, cutting mechanism is connected with the cover plate is fixed on the column, with a fork shaft bottom cover and the base, the gear lever into the column within the fork and the shaft end gear through an intermediate gear and the drive rod end gear, including digging knife base, in addition to fork shaft pin outside the middle, there are around the corresponding interval, pin; cutter head seat side is flat, side slope; the cutter head seat belt and the blade frame close to the surface of the cutting mechanism in potato peeling lead, the peeling effect is good, full-featured, easy to use, time-saving and labor-saving, suitable for family, hotel, hotel use.