Pizza Wheel Cutter & Rocker Pizza Knife, which one is better for cutting pizza ?

- Nov 09, 2017-

When we worked hard to bake out a beautiful pizza, fragrant overflowing temptation, can not wait to taste. But without the right pizza cutter, not having the right cut method, the tempting pizza could become devastated and fragmented. For pizzerias, there are two common types of pizza cutters - Pizza Wheel Cutter & Rocker Pizza Knife. The use of a more extensive range, mainly to see everyone's acceptance.

Pizza Wheel Cutter

This is one of the main devices for cutting pizza. The design is relatively simple and user-friendly. The long handle and the round blade are closely combined to rotate the bearing blade back and forth by the human power to cut and cut the pizza. Suitable for cutting all kinds of pizza, thin pizza, thick pizza, deep pan pizza and so on.

Pizza cutter blade presents a round, extremely sharp blade, driven by a fixed bearing and flexible scrolling, to achieve a smooth cut, without having to repeatedly cut back and forth, will not undermine the integrity and aesthetics of the pizza. Tool body surface polished very smooth, sliced pizza, simply neatly separated, not easy to dip fillings.

Rocker Pizza Knife

Rocker Pizza Knife is also common staples for slicing pizza, and is much larger than pizza cutters. The whole looks like a machete, it can be said that half-moon. One side is a sharp blade, the other side is hand-held. When slicing pizza, you need to shake back and forth hard.

The size of the Rocker Pizza Knife is generally about 52cm, more suitable for cutting the larger diameter pizza, swing force can be clean and cut.The blade is thick, hard material, high strength, more durable. It is noteworthy that, although some Rocker Pizza Knife made in the design of hanging hole design, but not recommended hanging, easy to fall, may also result in blade fracture. It is best to place it in a compatible shaker holder and place it properly. 

This is the most conventional and professional two kinds of pizza cutter, as we prefer which one to use. Pizza Wheel Cutter is compact, taking and storage is more convenient; and the Rocker Pizza Knife will be more domineering, if it is open kitchen, saw such a "mighty" sword brought to cut pizza, but also the store with a public different highlight.