production process of Silicone gloves

- Apr 16, 2018-

  1. Preparation of raw materials

  Including raw rubber mixing, color matching, raw material weight calculation, etc.

  2. Vulcanization molding

  High-pressure vulcanization equipment adopts high-temperature vulcanization to form the solid raw material of silica gel;

  3. Trimming

  Silicone gloves that come out of the mold will have some useless burrs that need to be removed. Currently, in the industry, this process is completely done by hand;

  4. Silk screen

  This process is only used in some silicone glove products with a pattern on the surface of silicone gloves. In order to facilitate the user to operate the keys, it is often necessary to screen-print the characters corresponding to the keyboard of the mobile phone in the corresponding positions. Or the surface needs to be increased in appearance and printed with some beautiful patterns;

  5. Surface treatment

  The silicone glove's surface is further processed to meet the shipping standards.