Questions about silicone kitchenware products

- Sep 04, 2018-

1. Question: what is the problem of thick silica gel products?

Answer: one of the most common problems of over-thickness of silica gel products is incomplete vulcanization. The surface of overthickness silica gel products seems to be completely vulcanized, but it will expand and burst after the second vulcanization, which is typical of incomplete vulcanization.Of course, over - thick silica gel products are more likely to produce a bad edge, in the production of mold and exhaust should pay attention to control.

2. Question: can defective silica gel kitchen products be recycled and produced?

Answer: once formed, silica gel kitchenware cannot be inversely changed, so, once formed, if silica gel kitchenware is defective, will face the circumstance that discard, except a few appearance and dimension slant long undesirable can make a bit rework.

3. Question: the reason for the lack of materials in silica gel kitchen products?

Answer: silica gel kitchenware product is short makings actually be makings weight, mould temperature, exhaust, glue material cut cut and discharge means these reasons are caused, careful analysis from these a few respects can solve basically.But the premise is that the production of the glue must be refined after the placement time within 72 hours, and the molding machine and mold is very flat.

4. Ask: how to get rid of the silk print on silica gel kitchenware products?

A: after screen printing before baking, you can use a dust-free cloth dipped in a little bit of white oil to wipe off the screen printing content.Once baked, it is difficult to remove the screen printing contents unless sanded with sandpaper or electric grinding wheel.