Quick and effective cleaning of kitchenware

- Apr 17, 2018-

  Aluminum pan: There is oil on the surface of the aluminum pan. Add some soapy water to the detergent powder and scrub it with a soft cloth. The bottom coke traces can be scrubbed with charcoal.

  Wok: The new iron pan surface rust, can put the new iron pan on the fire, pour cold water, add 100 grams of white bream, boil water and cook for about 20 minutes, the water drained, wipe the rust with a rag, Then use cooking oil.

  The enamel cylinder: After the enamel cylinder is burned, water can be added to the enamel cylinder and the food base can be properly added. Heat and dip slightly and then brush.

  Casserole: There is dirt in the casserole, which can be soaked in hot water and washed with a brush.

Milk pot: The pan that has been burned with cow and goat milk should be soaked in cold water and then washed;

  Gas burner: If the gas burner is blocked by soot, you can use the steel brush to brush off the soot, and then use the awl to pierce through the nozzle one by one.

  Chopper: The chopper has a rust that can be rubbed with radishes or potato chips and rubbed with a little sand.