Rapid removal of fruit skin

- Apr 19, 2018-


  When the cut apple touches the air, it will oxidize and change color. Use a rubber band to tie it up. Cut the apples beforehand and use rubber bands to tie them back to the uncut ones. After you have time to eat them, this method is very suitable for those who do not have time to cut fruit.

  Kiwi fruit

  The bottom of the kiwi fruit is cut off, and then the spoon can be slid along the peel to achieve complete skin separation.


  The method of ripening bananas I believe we all know that we can quickly ripen bananas in a paper bag, but do you know how to slow down the speed of banana overcooking? If you don’t have time to eat it, do not want bananas to be cooked too quickly (bad) The cling film can be tightly wrapped around the top of the banana. This method can extend the ripening time of 3 to 5 days.