Reasons for deformation of silicone products

- Mar 09, 2018-

  Silicone products are silicone rubbers that belong to synthetic rubber. He mainly belongs to a kind of solid silicone with relatively strong viscoelasticity. Everyone knows that silicone products will not be deformed forever, and deformation will occur if they do not rebound for a long time. The main deformation phenomenon is determined by the material hardness of silicone rubber products, the softer the material deformation is smaller, the deformation elastic resilience of silicone seals is very important in industrial equipment, and the stretching rate is quite important for a seal. Factors, if you lose the stretch rate and deformation, then it should be replaced in time to avoid unnecessary accidents, and affect the deformation phenomenon of silicone products are mainly the following situations.

  1. Permanent deformation caused by permanent work. Used for a long time under high pressure conditions, deformation is more obvious for harder materials.

  2. The impact of stretch rate. In general, the stretch rate of silicone rubber can reach up to 300% (softer material), but over-stretching during use will directly lead to deformation and permanent deformation of the loss of stretch, so can not be excessively elongated during use.

  3. Temperature effects. When silicone rubber products work under conditions of high humidity and humidity, the stretching will gradually deform, but as the temperature adapts or the temperature drops, the silicone products may also slightly deform. Therefore, whether it is in the industrial application of silicone rubber accessories Ye Hao, sealed products worth mentioning, or try not to allow long-term stretching silicone products.