Reasons for the emergence of silicone cream

- Mar 29, 2018-

First, the recipe is not properly designed. Saturated ejection, migration ejection, production ejection, reaction retention, and stress ejection.

Second, improper process operation. Mixing is not uniform, mixing temperature is too high, weighing is not allowed, curing temperature is too high or too low, curing time is too short, mold release water or agent is used improperly.

Third, silicone raw material fluctuations. Due to different materials in different areas, different methods, different processes, different raw materials in different batches, raw rubber synthesis process: differences in polymerization temperature, catalysts, synthetic monomers, etc., resulting in different solubility. Purity, moisture, ash, pH Values, physical properties, etc. change.

Fourth, poor storage conditions. Temperature, temperature, pressure, etc.