Select pacifier note

- Apr 22, 2018-

1. The size of the opening of the teat should be suitable. If the size of the teat is too large, the baby may easily milk the baby. When the size of the teat is too small, the baby may suck up.

2. Pacifiers should be cleaned and boiled before use. (About 2 to 3 minutes).

3. The hole in the nipple has been opened according to different specifications during production. It is no longer necessary to open the hole with a needle before use.

4. Both the vent hole and teat hole should face upwards when using the pacifier.

5. The pacifier's head and neck stenosis should be contained in the baby's mouth during feeding so that the baby is more comfortable when sucking.

6. Select different stages of nipples for infants of different ages. According to the dilute thickness of feeding food, select different sizes of teats. Don't think that the bigger the hole is, the easier it is for the baby to eat. Because the hole is too big and the flow rate is too fast, the child can't swallow it easily.

7. Rubber pacifiers made from natural rubber materials, after being used for a period of time (about 4 to 6 weeks), the pacifiers are dark brown and sticky, indicating that the rubber is aging and should be replaced in time.