Select stainless steel filter should pay attention

- May 25, 2018-

  1. To avoid uneven weaving, so-called non-uniform means that the gap between the wire and wire is not uniform, and it is good or bad. Seriously affect use;

  2. To see if there is a jump of wire, it means that a certain wire in the weaving breaks in the middle and forms a few centimeters of falling-off state. If you do not notice it, you cannot find it. This defect will also affect the quality of the product.

  3. The thickness of the wire is uneven. Stainless steel filters are woven from silk, and most people think that the thickness of silk is generally the same, but it is not true. Because of the change in the thickness of the wire, a certain part of the wire becomes thicker or thinner. Therefore, when selecting a wire mesh, a stainless steel filter wire with a uniform wire diameter should be used.