Selection of filter screen should pay attention

- Apr 22, 2018-

  In the selection of filter screen surface should pay attention to what aspects of the problem?

  1. The required filter screen surface specification and model should be based on the significance of screening in the work to achieve a numerical reference on the overall performance of the screen.

  2. Combining the requirements for screening and filtering work on a variety of uses of numerically referenced materials requires that the resulting filtering screen be screened for use with a firm, flat, uniform mesh size.

  3. In order to strengthen the overall use of the mesh, it should be based on the use of factors in the work to achieve the use of numerical values on the surface of the network can be realistic to use the overall operation on the comprehensive reinforcement of the edge To prevent dragging, deformation and other accidents.

  4. There is no need to use any of the quality of the on-grid surface and the screened material required for the filter screening that can be combined with the various numerical values that can be referenced. Dirty, stainless steel filter mesh surface is the use of anti-corrosion, high temperature, anti-aging advantages and the overall use of the reference structure of the structure of the color to bright, clean, and is non-toxic, tasteless, sleeveless use of the principle of construction The food does not cause any effect on the corrosion. The mesh surface made of stainless steel is used to produce the filtering screen surface.