Several questions about using electric egg beater

- Apr 26, 2018-

Level 1-2: Initial speed of mixing - used to mix dry items such as flour, butter, potatoes, etc.

Level 3-4: Initial speed of stirring - Suitable for liquid materials such as salad dressings.

Level 5: Used for mixing cakes, cookies, and simple bread dough.

Level 6: Suitable for cream, butter, sugar, such as free baked candy, dessert snacks.

Level 7: It is used to send eggs, icing sugar, mashed potatoes, and raw milk for foaming (high milk fat content).

Use Q&A

1. Why does some newly opened egg beaters have "odor" when they are energized, and some have no "odor"?

First of all, please rest assured that the smell is not a product quality problem. This "odor" is caused by the friction of the carbon brush inside the machine with the rotor of the motor. When the machine is used several times, the taste disappears naturally. In addition, we all know that products are tested at the factory, one of which is the power test. Sometimes there is no way to detect 100% for a variety of reasons. Occasionally, there will be some odors. No evidence of odor has been tested before leaving the factory.

2. Is it possible to batter?

Yes, to be very thin, like a paste, like a dough is not necessary. Because its main function is still "stirring", the dough will break the egg beater. Do not try.

3. Can you beat butter?

No, blocky butter can easily get stuck between the two mixing heads, causing the stirring head to break and break.

4. Is it possible to send cream flowers?

Yes, the passing time is generally around 10-20 minutes, and the success is based on roots and chopsticks do not fall.

How to use the egg beater correctly: When the egg beater is used for a period of time (about 3-5 minutes), it will generate heat. Please be assured that this is a normal phenomenon. Be sure to let it rest before using it. The general mixer will be like this. Must pay attention to the correct use of the method can extend the life of the machine.