Silica gel adsorption of organic impurities after the regeneration.

- Mar 06, 2018-

  1. roasting method

  For the coarse-grained silica gel, can be placed in the baking furnace gradually warmed to 500 - 600 , about 6-8 hours until the particles were white or brown to. For silica gel, the firing temperature can not exceed 200 .

  2. rinse method

  The silica gel saturated adsorption of saturated steam saturated water soak rinse, and can be used in combination with detergent to remove oil or other organic impurities, and then washed with water after drying dehydration.

  3. solvent flushing method

  According to the type of organic matter adsorbed on the silica gel, the organic substance adsorbed in the silica gel is dissolved by using an appropriate solvent, and then the silica gel is heated to remove the solvent.