Silicone bakeware

- Apr 21, 2018-

  Silicone bakeware is the most common bakeware in life today. The advantage of silicone bakeware is that: silicone products in the shape of color to be slightly better, rich colors, and can make a wide range of molds, while the stability of silica gel and chemical inertia, non-stick non-stick , easier to clean. However, the biggest drawback of silicone products is safety. Although products used in daily necessities are silicone products for food use and meet certain requirements (FDA food standards), some countries also believe that the use of silicone products is safe and there are no health risks. However, the silicone oil produced under pyrolysis may contain phthalates, which is currently known as a substance harmful to human health. At present, the quality of silicone products on the market is uneven, and prices vary, presenting great safety risks.