Silicone bracelet features and uses

- May 06, 2018-


  With a variety of fluorescent, luminous, a variety of colors of silicone bracelets, soft and non-deformation, non-toxic, wear-resistant non-cracking, high temperature, long life, does not stimulate the skin, fashion and so on. In addition to the role of decoration, it can also provide medical, health, and mosquito repellent effects.


  Silicone wristbands are used in various kinds of casinos and sports fields. They can be used as gifts, souvenirs, promotional items, etc. It is a fiery fashion accessory; it is also a low-cost, advertising-effective promotional gift. Most sports bands do not have any practical use and are just a trend accessory. The English words or phrases brought by the handkerchief usually reflect the beliefs and values of the wearer.