Silicone cake mold use FAQ 1

- Apr 21, 2018-

Q: Is there any odor in making cakes or other foods with silicone cake moulds?

A: The regular manufacturer's non-porous silicone cake mold is certainly no taste and smell, because the silicone material itself is non-toxic and odorless material, and high temperature.

Q: How to distribute the high temperature cake mould?

A: Cake molds that meet the quality requirements, high quality manufacturing process to ensure uniform high temperature distribution. The regular factory cake mold uses a uniform thickness of high-density silica gel, which gives a consistent high-temperature distribution and also enhances uniform baking.

Q: Will silicone baking trays take a long time to cool?

A: The bakeware cools quickly and evenly after it is removed from the oven.