Silicone can not only be made of silicone products but also can be made into desiccant!

- Mar 16, 2018-

Can silicone also be used as a desiccant? Desiccant is also a silicone product? Many friends may not believe it! However, this is true! Silica gel desiccant absorbs moisture with a substance. Although its name is somewhat ambiguous, silicate is actually a pore mineral with many naturally attractive water molecules. Manufacturers use gels to keep goods from deteriorating, molding or due to reduced humidity. The gel itself is non-toxic, but there may be a moisture indicator added (cobalt chloride) which is a known toxin, and it turns pink and blue when it is hydrated and otherwise has its dry form. Most quartz found in our food and home purchases like cassava beads are benign unless combined with certain chemicals.

Although silica gel has great potential for reuse and can also be used as a material for daily necessities, it has not yet found a way to directly recycle it. If manufacturers can process silica gel waste to make silica gel desiccant, it may be a way to make silica disappear in landfills.

Silicone desiccant can be used where?

Can be kept dry in ammunition tanks and safes.

Can be placed on the personal data and important documents stored in the bag.

Hanging a small bag of silica gel desiccant behind the phase frame prevents the photos from getting wet.

In cold or humid conditions, placing a silica gel desiccant on the camera strap can also keep the silicone from sucking to keep your lens from fogging or streaking.

Leave a few bags in your tool box to prevent rust.

Placing seeds where they are stored can prevent their formation.