Silicone children's tableware for the younger generation's parents

- Mar 21, 2018-

According to the research report, because the policy is to release the second child and reach the marriageable age after 90, the next decade is a small peak in childbirth. The report also pointed out that the young generation's parents pay more attention to the health of mothers and children. Including the mother's and baby's diet, the use of tableware, direct contact with skin clothes, and toiletries, everything is selected and selected, pick and pick. Comparing a brand with a brand, it does not allow an unhealthy and safe item to damage the next generation.

 More interestingly, the survey results show that younger generation parents buy tableware for infants and young children, and the preferred material is silica gel, which is the youngest in the industry. The reason is that young parents believe that the safety and reliability of silicone as the only material for baby pacifiers has been fully verified and become the safest material they have in mind. Then when they choose tableware for the next generation, they naturally prefer silicone. The younger generation of parents believe that nowadays products such as plastics and metals are easily mixed with toxic substances, while glass is too heavy, explosive and fragile and unsafe, and hot water and hot hands are not suitable. Infants and young children use. Fortunately, a lot of silicone products have been developed so that Baomabao dads can pick and choose tableware for infants and children.

 Some treasure mom dad also shared how to choose high quality and reliable food grade silicone products:

1. look for regular trademarks;

 2. there is food safety certification, such as FDA, LFGB;

3. smells no odor;

4. not white when folded.