Silicone gloves

- Apr 13, 2018-

  Using silicone gloves can make canning much easier. Handling those hot jars over the boiling water and steam is much easier if you are wearing these gloves. Youll have no need to use giant forceps where the jars can easily slip out and break. Instead, you can easily pick up the jars using these protective gloves.

  If you like cooking with iron skillets where the handle gets very hot, you’ll love using your silicon gloves. Whether cooking a stove top casserole or removing corn bread cooked in an iron skillet, gloves made out of silicone material make the job much easier.

  Silicone gloves also make certain household chores easier and safer. For example, if you are unloading a dishwater before it cools down completely, rearranging the logs on a fire, fixing a hot water tank, steam cleaning a carpet, or using an electric mop where the steam can get extremely hot, these gloves can facilitate these chores.

  To clean silicone gloves, you can simply wash them off in hot water and soap or throw them in the dishwater. All and all, these are very handy gloves to have around the house!