Silicone ice tray

- Mar 17, 2018-

   When summer comes, people will be feeling hot weather, what they want to use to relieve heat and reduce fire! That is the ice drink, summer is the hottest season in the cold drink shop, and silicone ice tray is one kind of ice maker for making ice cubes and jelly.

   Silicone ice tray, do you understand enough? I think that before you use it, you have to understand it thoroughly and see that it is not too late to use it again. Silicone ice cream is resistant to high and low temperature, non-toxic and tasteless, and it is a renewable resource that can be reused. Because it is made from food grade raw materials, it is very safe to use. However, there are still some people who do not understand the silicone ice tray. Here are some advantages of the silicone ice tray.

   Features environmental protection, high temperature resistance. It can be used at -40°C to +250°C and can be used in microwaves, refrigerators, ovens, etc.

    Insulation, easy to clean, no deformation, non-stick mode, long life advantages.

   Non-toxic, through food-grade safety certification, using 100% natural silicone material and feel healthy to your body and mind to relieve, so that you no longer worry about unhealthy food problems.

   Shape It can be designed and manufactured according to individual subjective consciousness. There are cartoon shapes, animal shapes, letter shapes, car shapes, etc. As long as you are creative and make all kinds of ice cubes, you will be manipulative.

   The use of silicone ice cubes has been integrated into our lives. At present, most large-scale shopping malls have all kinds of exquisite and special styles of silicone ice cubes. The exquisite workmanship is just like an artwork, adding a beautiful landscape to the modern lifestyle.