Silicone kitchen dustproof tips

- Apr 25, 2018-

  1. Spray feel oil

  Spraying a layer of hand-feel oil on the surface of silicone kitchenware products not only has good dustproof effect, but also feels good, but the cost has increased.

  2. Packing treatment

  First use a high-pressure air gun to clean the silicone gel in a plastic bag, then use a plastic box, and finally cover it with a lid so that there is no fear of dust sticking to the surface of the silicone kitchenware.

   3. Handling static electricity

  Silicone kitchen utensils will have static electricity. This is normal. You can change the formula to eliminate static electricity and achieve dust protection. However, it is not realistic. This will lead to unstable performance of silicone kitchenware and will not meet international standards. Customers will not agree.

  According to the above method, the dust prevention work is done well in advance, and there will not be the trouble of depositing the dust for a long time in the later period. This method also applies to different silica gel products.