Silicone kitchenware identification method

- Aug 17, 2018-

1. Touch

From the hand feel aspect, the toughness and elasticity of the silicone products are all very good, not easy to be permanently deformed by external forces, and the hand feel will be relatively smooth, while the fake silica gel products are easy to deform, and it is also relatively rough to touch, because the surface of the fake silica gel does not have a layer of lipid material.

2. Characteristics

From the characteristic aspect, the silica gel product is avirulent tasteless product, the quality of a material is good, have no harm to the human body, and general counterfeit silica gel product very that silica gel pad achieves these effects, counterfeit and inferior silica gel product is poisonous commonly have pungent odour, and also compare coarse!

3.Use flame to burn

At the same time, we can also burn real or fake silica gel through the flame, which is also very useful. Fake silica gel products produce black smoke and remain black powder during combustion, and the real silica gel products produce white smoke when they burn no matter what color they are, and the remainder is white powder when they burn.

4. Test by chemical method

Silicone rubber burning dish with surface contact smoke, collection of white powder, the powder 40% alkali soluble heat (60 degrees) take a drop of the solution in the solution in a test tube, add two drops of ammonia molybdate, a little heat, add a drop of aniline solution after cooling and 3-8 drops of saturated sodium acetic acid solution, the color of solution reaction, if appear blue silicone, prove for silica gel.