Silicone kitchenware in China why not fire up?

- Mar 26, 2018-

There is a number of reasons why everything cannot be sold on the market. For example, silica gel utensils commonly used in Europe and the United States are more popular in some regions of the Middle East and Europe. In China, it is rare to see families using these products. This thing also makes many people puzzled! However, when it comes to the use of cutlery, first of all we need to understand the dining habits and methods of people in different regions. We are familiar with silicone kitchen utensils as a new type of kitchenware in the market. The main components are synthetic rubber silicone, silicone oil, and white carbon black. A variety of physical compounds, and the origin of silicone kitchenware belong to Europe and the United States, where the source is also the reason it can not quickly become popular in our country!

  In China, silicone products molding processing and manufacturing also occupy the world, in the Dongguan silicone products products processing manufacturers can easily find any piece of kitchen utensils you want, but rarely see the family use of silicone kitchenware, one of the reasons is for the traditional The kitchen supplies have become accustomed to, do not want to go out and get used to it, especially older families do not want young people want to try it, the second in the Western countries cooking methods are different, the utensils used will be different, followed by many families in our country for silicone Kitchenware's environmental awareness is vigilant, for fear that it will cause harm to the family's body, so many families have chosen not to let silicone gadgets come into contact with us.

  Although most households in China have not experienced such kitchen utensils, for the silicone products manufacturers, they always have contact with the goods of silicone kitchen utensils. They are basically more foreign exports, but may be used in production design. China's manufacturers to meet, from the quality of the general can pass FDA, ROHS, CCC and other testing and certification of the manufacturers are able to meet the requirements of the qualified, so many European and American countries are basically proposed design options in our country set up production and processing in the appearance of packaging It is sold to major regions in the world. As for one of the reasons why silicone kitchen utensils are rarely used, I still think that it was influenced by the traditional culture of ceramics for several thousand years and the disadvantages of silicone materials have affected the stronghold of kitchen utensils in the silicone industry!