Silicone kitchenware, you understand it wrong

- Mar 12, 2018-

     Just now, I know a lot of people know how to say how silicone kitchenware how bad, lost pot cooked! I really distressed, it is estimated that you did not figure out what silicone kitchenware it.

       I here to to explain to everyone, silicone kitchenware more than a silicone shovel, we said that the silicone kitchenware also includes a silicone spoon, silicone oil cup, silicone bowl, etc. ah. Not just the fried silicone shovel you dropped in the oil!

       As already mentioned above, the heat resistance of silicone is about -60 ° to 250 °, which may be higher, however, when the temperature of the oil reaches 300 ° at the highest, then your beloved silicone shovel will certainly not be able to withstand such a temperature.

       There are people who know that silica gel shovel soft ... Yes, for this reason I can not refute you, but soft is the characteristics of silicone shovel ah, general non-stick metal spatula will be right Non-stick panic injury, with more non-stick pan becomes sticky, so use silicone shovel is undoubtedly the most consistent with non-stick pan. Maybe you will say that with a wooden shovel, you can, personal preference.

       Next time, I hope you will not throw the silicone shovel into the pan. Generally 5 ~ 6 mature oil pan silicone shovels are still affordable, but it is better to use metal when it is fried.