Silicone material

- Mar 29, 2018-

The birth of silicone material in many areas (kitchen products, digital IT, medical equipment, engineering construction, etc.) have made outstanding contributions.

  Today we will share the special charm of silicone material in industrial design through some outstanding cases!

One of the applications: tableware

   Silica gel's good physical properties and stable chemical properties allow it to be used long-term at temperatures from -60°C (or lower) to +250°C (or higher).

Application II: Toys

   Toy silica gel is non-toxic, harmless to children, insulated and chemically inert. It is an ideal toy making material.

The application of three: anti-skid protection

  The non-slip properties of silicone materials are also often used as one of the components of the product. The bottom of the product, the non-slip cover of the cup, the handheld part of the digital camera, and the silicone all act as a non-slip function. The silicone case is recognized by the consumers because of its good anti-slip property.

Application of four: button

   Silicone material soft feel, full of elasticity is often used to make the product's button, or through the second injection molding method to be perfectly integrated with other materials, with the waterproof properties of the button.

Application 5: Products with direct contact with teats and skin

   Because of its food-grade uses, silicone can be used as a baby pacifier or as a direct contact with the human body in addition to tableware.

Application of six: sealed

   Pressure cooker sealing ring, Locker Locker crisper, water cup lid, etc. need to be sealed products, silicone must be the first choice.

From an industrial design point of view, silicone can also be used to make silicone molds. Silicone molds are special molds for making handicrafts. Silicone is characterized by high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, strong tear resistance, high simulation precision, and is a variety of handicrafts. Special mold.