Silicone mats prevent oil

- Mar 16, 2018-

After the family dine, the dining table is always a mess: Here a water spot, there is a bit oily, scattered pieces of food everywhere! The key is that no matter what the material of the desktop, and food, water, oil stained on the edge, it is particularly difficult to clean. Cleaning the oil on the table in winter is a disaster! Even though the hard-working housewives wiped and rubbed, cleaned up again and again, it was not long before the table was still oily, that is, it affected beauty, and it felt sticky. Glass and marble are still good. If it is a bamboo wood surface, these oils will infiltrate. If you want to clean it up, maybe only ask the woodworkers to plan to peel off several layers! The maintenance of the table was a maddening affair for clean housewives.

Where there is oppression, where there is resistance! The smart housewives came up with excellent ways to deal with oil and protect the dining table. That is, add a piece of tablecloth on the table, supplement it when you dine, and remove it when finished. Never worry about annoying stains that invade the table! However, the housewives also found that the table cloth also has many shortcomings. For example, cloth tablecloths, there will be leakage phenomenon, the table cloth itself is difficult to clean, washing and drying sun one year down the workload is not cheap, not to mention the tablecloths are so big, cleaning is not easy; plastic tablecloth itself stained with greasy Good cleaning, not durable, easy to break. Not high temperature, hot tableware will be hot. Unhealthy materials can produce harmful substances. Not to mention plastic materials are not environmentally friendly at all. How to do? Are housewives helpless?

Hardworking housewives, not desperate, Milabao production of silicone placemats, using food-grade silicone material, health and safety. Can be directly contact with food, cutlery, bread and other foods directly on the clean place mat is no problem. The key is the silicone placemat grease, water, heat insulation, perfect protection of the desktop, and silicone mat is not sticky oil, easy to clean. A few drops of clean water can be cleaned in the water. If there is less oil, you can clean it with only a flush of clean water. Silicone mat size can be customized according to demand, after dinner can be cleaned together with tableware, a cleaning. Dishwasher at home, it can also be placed in the dishwasher. Easy to dry, easy to store, can be folded or rolled into a kitchen cabinet after drying. Silicone mats are durable and do not breed bacteria. It is entirely possible to use a table mat for a decade or eight years, as long as you avoid cutting with sharp tools.