Silicone miscellaneous pieces custom problem

- Mar 14, 2018-

       When referring to miscellaneous items, there may be many familiar friends who know the definition of the two words. Silicon miscellaneous pieces are used in a wide range of products, and its definition is exactly the parts and gadgets of some main products. The use of a wide range, such as small fasteners we know, sealed shock absorber parts, electronic buffer components, silicone gaskets and so many, but in various occupations, these gadgets may be attributed to silica gel products in occupations most in demand One kind.

According to my understanding, there are many customers and friends who will re-develop and plan a silicone miscellaneous products to collaborate with the main products every two months to obtain corresponding effects such as shock absorption, decoration, beauty, cushioning, insulation, etc. Friends of the specific pieces of silicone miscellaneous in the customization of some of the lack of experience, the use of the product as well as the effects and effects of a detailed data, to the final product in detail for your main product to bring what effect, completely Know, so Xiao Bian today for our popular science and technology about the daily miscellaneous pieces of silicone, small parts of the custom note!

Miscellaneous items are basically attributed to small products, the structure is relatively simple, such as gaskets, damping blocks and other types of products on the need to pay attention to the product's raw material problems, raw materials need to shock absorption pressure is necessary to see if it can be reached certainly The hardness and softness of raw materials and the compressive ability of raw materials, shock absorption buffer whether the need to use high tensile strength gas phase silicone raw materials, whether in the follow-up process can have a certain life expectancy.

About the structure is more messy, there are holes and so on the need to see the process of the operator in the process of adjustment and operation of the machine, due to the control of curing time is very important for some products, the product will have a bulge after the mold, but the temperature The decline will disappear, and the aging rate of this product in all aspects of the follow-up process will be accelerated. In addition, whether the product has uneven weight and scale error phenomenon, this will lead to the use of misplaced, misplaced and other issues.

The end is the appearance of miscellaneous pieces, silicone miscellaneous pieces manufacturers generally pay more attention to the appearance of the parts of the processing, but you need to pay attention to the timely mixing of the color palette is even, prevent color errors. Mixing the rubber is not even, otherwise the color is not balanced. Whether the vulcanizing agent will show long-term placement will lead to failure of the vulcanizing agent product, which may cause discoloration, etc., and the appearance of black spots, molds, molds, self-demolition, etc. must be observed during the processing.