Silicone multi-hole cake mold

- Mar 21, 2018-

What are the more convenient places for using multi-hole cake molds with respect to a single mold?

1. More easily placed and more secure. The multi-hole cake mold can be smoothly placed on the table or tray.

   2. Feeding is more convenient and easier to manage. Twelve points in one, when poured into the prepared cake ingredients, in one go. Don't worry about placing, do not need to worry about knocking over the cup. On the same plane, it is easier to see if the feeding is the same depth. It is easier to ensure that the same size cake is made and the degree of baking is consistent.

  3. Easier to put in the oven, taking up a smaller position. Even if the tray is not used, the entire mold can be smoothly put into the oven.

    4. Heat is more even and faster. A dozen small cakes, a mold to get.

    5. Demoulding is more convenient and faster. Twelve cakes were taken off in 352 or less. It was much easier than Brexit.

    6. Twelve, no more, no less, just good! Whether it is food, or family members, a mold to get, two modes rich!