Silicone product maintenance methods in daily life

- Mar 09, 2018-

  Nowadays, almost everything needs maintenance. Such as cars, electrical appliances, furniture, etc., and our commonly used silicone products are no exception. In the market today is more and more silicone products, and some consumer friends do not have much attention and understanding of silicone products, just for the purchase of silicone jewelry will not be maintained so the use of time is not too long.

   Although the silicone material has no problem for the service life, it can be said to be very durable. However, many of my friends have no trouble with the silicone products, but they are discolored and distorted. It always gives you a taste of food, and it is a pity to forsake it! Then the following will talk about silicone products need to pay attention to matters.

  1. The long-term contact between the silicone material and the liquid will damage the performance of the silicone material and increase the aging rate. Therefore, it should be less than the contact of water or other substances in the use process.

   2.  the role of ozone, oxygen and silicon molecules will occur oxidation damage to the silicon atomic structure, thereby reducing the performance of silica gel become aging, stretching does not rebound and so on.

  3. caused by high temperatures, the role of heat can cause the molecules of the silica gel to crack or cross-linked, it will also improve the oxygen diffusion rate, resulting in catalytic oxidation of the product discoloration, deformation phenomenon.

  4. The effect of strong light will lead to shorter light waves and greater energy, especially ultraviolet rays. Its effect on silicone is similar to that of heat, with the slight difference being that light mainly acts on the surface of silica gel. These will lead to reduced performance and product damage of silicone rubber products.

   For silicone product maintenance:

  1. Use silicone material, do not touch with sharp objects to avoid cutting.

  2. Can not be placed in places with high fire and heat, it is easy to burn.

  3. Do not use heavy objects for backlogs or twists.

  4. In the process of use, you need to clean up. You can use dry cleaning as much as possible, use a clean cloth to wipe, or you can directly place in a ventilated place after cleaning and drying in warm water.

  5. It is also possible to have stains that can be cleaned with toothpaste. To know that silicone products are not easy to clean, so do not easily clean and wipe and exposure.

  6. Silicone material has static electricity is a high adsorption product, so try not to place it in a lot of dust, dust or clean up will be very troublesome!