Silicone product odor treatment

- Mar 14, 2018-

  In general, silicone products seldom produce odors, and users do not want to buy silicone products with unpleasant taste. In particular, a wide variety of silicone products, such as: silicone mobile phone sets, silicone tablet sets, silicone jewelry, silicone gifts, silicone miscellaneous items, silicone accessories and so on. From the use of these products can be analyzed, the user is absolutely not willing to buy their own silicone products with odor.

  However, the reason for the production process of silicone products often leads to unexpected results. For example, silicone products produce odors and they are irritating. The reason why the odor of the silicone product was analyzed before is that the most common reason is that the screen printing material has a taste, the oily feeling of the sprayed hand, and the vulcanizing agent of the raw material of the silicone material have problems.

  (1) The problem of silk screen printing, if it is the problem of screen printing raw materials, it is natural to consider how to make the raw materials taste smaller or even disappear. The product can usually be spread out during production and blown with a large fan. This can effectively reduce the taste of silicone products. If this method does not work, then you may want to consider changing raw materials.

  (2) Hand oil problem. This problem may be more surprising. Some hand oils are not very heavy, but after the oil injection operation, they will have a heavy taste. In the case of being left for a period of time after being scattered or blown, there is no need to change. In this case, it is necessary to consider changing the type of oil.

  (3) Curing agent problem. The composition and formula of the vulcanizing agent may also cause odor in the product, and the reason for this is relatively large. Sulfur itself is odoriferous, and if the process is not handled properly, it is likely that there will be odors. Odor is naturally unacceptable to the average user.

  In summary, it can be seen that the appearance of odors in silicone products is not surprising and the solution is not too difficult. To be able to analyze each production process carefully, and then give solutions. In fact, the most stringent requirements for the safety and quality of products in silicone products are silicone utensils. To be accepted by consumers, silicone utensils must pass ISO food safety certification. However, as food and beverage use, silicone tableware is naturally not tasteful.