Silicone products are very safe

- Mar 19, 2018-

Silicone products are a very common life in foreign countries, and production supplies are used in China, but relatively speaking, some silicone products in life are still rare in China, such as silicone shovels, silicone fruit plates, etc. In the country, the most common is the silicone phone case or something. This may be because we are not very satisfied with the safety performance of these silicone products, but we generally do not have to worry about these issues. Silicone is a green, safe, and environmentally friendly material. Of course, there are some small manufacturers whose product quality is not up to standard. The safety of silicone products has great doubts.

However, in fact, silicone products are safer than rubber and plastic products, and they are also more environmentally friendly. Second, his toughness is very strong, his hand feels more delicate, of course, his hardness is not as good as rubber and plastic products, there is a reason that he The price is more affordable, safe and affordable silicone products I think must be your best choice.