Silicone products are widely used nine major advantages

- Mar 06, 2018-

   Silicone products are now widely used, more and more people are accepted, then the reason why silicone products are widely used reason why? The following Xiaobian give you an analysis of which one of the nine major advantages.

   First: Longer service life in harsh environments, weather-free in the long run - Rain, snow, moisture, ozone, sun UV rays; long-term exposure of organic elastomers to the environment Brittle.

  Second: Wider use of temperature scale - from -100oC to 316oC (-148 to 600oF); organic elastomers soften and irreversibly deform at temperatures above 100oC (212oF). At temperatures below 25oC (-13oF ) Will become brittle.

  Third: exposed in the harsh environmental stress (heat, cold, humid, oil, ozone, ultraviolet), its inherent outstanding electrical insulation quality will not change significantly.

   Fourth: In a wide temperature range can stick to its natural flexibility and flexibility (anti-crust deformation), improve consumer comfort and feel.

  Fifth: outstanding sealing function.

  Sixth: lazy (tasteless, odorless);

  Seventh: safety and environmental protection, widely used in food processing tools, baby products and so on.

  Eighth: More Selection - Wider scale of hardness (from Shore A10 to 80), wider color selection scale (from clear to brilliant).

  Ninth: better liquidity - easy to make, improve productivity