Silicone products industry status quo

- Mar 21, 2018-

Silicone products are health, safety, environmental protection, practical, easy to use, practical and easy to use and fun. The product must avoid the harm to the health of the daily life of other materials, and the harm to the environment, but also to retain the function of the product itself, better than the traditional materials of daily use. At the same time, we need to be creative, make people brighten up, and enjoy creative products.

  Small industry, big market

  Positioning of Silicone Lifestyle Products: Alternatives, Auxiliaries, Trailblazers

  Competitors of silicone life products: porcelain, steel and aluminum and other metal products, glass, plastic, bamboo, and non-silicone molds used in the baking industry.

   Limitations of silicone

   Soft (soft is its advantage, but also its shortcomings, determine the silicone can not completely replace a certain category). Need hardness support, one is to give up, one is as an auxiliary.

   Do not touch open flames. Relatively wide range of alternatives are: plastic, bamboo, glass. Of these three, plastics are criticized for problems such as health and safety, white pollution, and are most widely used in daily life, and they have the most overlap with silicones. Therefore, as a substitute, plastics are the most commonly used products of the same type.

  The future of silicone products

  No matter whether it is a substitute, a subsidiary, or a trailblazer, the future of silica gel products is very broad because it is not competing with the existing silicone products but the entire traditional product category. The Blazers also have the ability to break through all borders without bounding divergence.

  Silicone household products industry status quo

  Silicone household products are now beginning to form industries in the country, but there are situations where the industry is not planning, free to develop, and the homogenous competition is serious. Mixed dragons are not the main producers of pan-infringements, and the production of inferior and low-priced three-nothing products is sold on the market and e-commerce platforms, which harms the interests of consumers. There is no leading company in the industry, corporate reputation, corporate brand yet to be tested and established by the market. The arrival of Milabao silicone products will definitely change the industry status, provide consumers with health and safety guaranteed quality products, and realize a new healthy and environmentally friendly life for the Chinese!