Silicone Products Industry Trends in 2018

- Mar 12, 2018-

In 2016, prices of silicone rubber raw materials continued to rise through various reasons, and prices rose by around 30%, causing many small-scale silicone products factories to face the danger of closure. Until mid-May 2017, prices gradually stabilized. However, in August, we have ushered in a new wave of price increases, and we are facing the rising trend of raw material shopping malls. How do you develop the career trend of custom silicone products from 2017 to 2018?

      As a leader in silicone products industry, we are in this highly competitive silicone industry. In 2016, faced with the pressure of the market and the pressure of raising prices of raw materials, Linfeng Rubber has been trying its best to use its full strength to help customers seize this round of fireattacks.

      After a brief price reduction through the silicone material in 2017, the second round of gunfirecame again from the beginning of August. The price of silicone material rose to 60% on the original basis. In response to the current market conditions, the trend of raw materials soaring is a scourge for some silicone products processing factories that compete at the price of bargaining, but it is an opportunity for some quality and efficient silicone product manufacturers. In the silica gel raw material shopping mall such a wave of rugged opportunities, still able to adhere to provide customers with the best quality silicone products, satisfactory customer delivery! This silicone product factory is the customer's final choice! Silicone product occupations will face reshuffle from 2017 to 2018.

      Many customers nowadays are not able to meet the needs of suppliers of customized silicone products, and are facing extremely unstable product delivery conditions. They urgently need to find a powerful silicone processing plant. Then, we advocate that we consider the Dongguan City Lin Fung Rubber Products Co., Ltd., specializing in the production of a variety of performance (earthquake, wear, oil, pressure, high and low temperature, anti-aging, chemical resistance, etc.) of rubber products and the sea Cotton EVA products, products are mainly sold to EU countries and domestic, product quality, service fast, fully meet customer requirements?.