Silicone products promote new concepts of healthy materials

- Mar 21, 2018-

What are the health-related common senses that are often overlooked by hard-working housewives at home? The most commonly overlooked health knowledge is material health! Because the material is hidden deeper. Housewives are concerned about the health of the elderly and children, the nutritional balance, and the cleanliness of the home, but it is easy to ignore the hidden dangers of the material.

  For example, bamboo, a natural and healthy material, it is difficult for housewives to think that during the production process, unhealthy ingredients may be added to these natural and healthy materials, such as the addition of preservatives, such as brush paint, which tends to remain in these processes. Substances harmful to the human body. Bamboo and wood products are easy to absorb moisture and breed bacteria in the process of use; they are prone to mildew in wet environments and produce toxins such as aflatoxin that can seriously damage the health of the body.

   For example, porcelain, the material itself is also very healthy, but the color glaze process is prone to produce excessive lead. Some unscrupulous business owners cut back on their processes to save costs. The use of glazes is the main reason for excessive lead.

    Another example is PVC cling film, quality inspection department sampling showed that the 16 common brands of PVC cling film on the market in the North, 15 all contain the state banned plasticizer DEHA. The plasticizer can permeate from the cling film into the packaged high-fat food at room temperature, causing great harm to the human endocrine system. In addition, when plastic products are in contact with oily foods, it is easy to dissolve plasticizers in plastics and enter foods. Penetration is more likely to occur at high temperatures.

   Is there a reassuring health material?

  These material security problems endanger people's health, and they are even more difficult for housewives to guard against. Is there a material for daily use that can be used with peace of mind?

   Milabao silicone products are produced using healthy and safe food-grade silica gel. The products are tested by the US FDA and Germany FLBG, and are optional materials for housewives. Silicone products, improve the quality of life and protect the body's health. It is also a pioneer in environmental protection. Use silicone products, refuse white pollution, defend the environment, and start from me!