Silicone products proofing and making goods

- Mar 14, 2018-

  There are many types of silicone products, and the full name can also be silicone mold products. In other words, before the official production of silicone products, there must be a silicone mold, mold is determined foolproof, that is, mass production of silicone products. 

  The mold making process:

  (1) Customer provides specific design drawings

  (2) The mold company determines the order production mold

  (3) The mold room staff starts programming

  (4) Mold room personnel make molds according to the procedure until the mold is completed. After the mold is finished, it is the customer's product proofing.

   Silicone product proofing involves many details. These things are collectively referred to as engineering materials. Product proofing will often determine a lot of details such as product raw materials, product color, product process, product patterns and so on. After these things are selected correctly, it is possible to initially produce the first silicone products that satisfy the customers.

After the proofing of the silicone products is completed, the factory personnel will compare the customer's requirements for the first time and confirm that the customer's requirements are met before the first batch of samples will be given or sent to the customer. After receiving the sample, the customer will make an evaluation of the sample. If the product meets the customer's requirements, the customer will let the factory start to make the sample batch according to their own conditions. If the first batch of samples does not meet the needs of the customer, the customer will feedback to the factory at the first time and ask the factory to improve the relevant aspects. The factory will re-proof the sample according to the customer's opinion until a sample satisfactory to the customer is produced, before the batch can be produced.

   Finally, different silica gel products have different mold structures and different manufacturing ease. Therefore, the production time will also vary widely, which also determines the final delivery of silicone products to customers are also different. However, it is very important that both the customer and the factory should follow up each process of silicone product production.