Silicone products - Silicone production process

- Mar 12, 2018-

     Silicone products are now universal in our lives, and that the silicone products in the end is how to make it?

It is understood that at present there are two ways to make silicone products, one is the compound with solid rubber molding products, the other is the injection of liquid silicone rubber products. What are the differences between the two approaches?

Selection of the first process is made of silica gel product information is over-vulcanized with peroxide, the need for rubber mixing, open refining, trimming, weighing, molding, tearing and other processes. Use this process to produce silicone products, mainly for the use of low-end silicone products.

Selects the second craft to make the silica gel product is the direct purchase two-component sealed drum silica gel, uses the liquid silicone rubber injection molding machine to produce directly, installs the machinery, the entire material activity is in the seal state carries on Without human intervention and therefore without contamination. The use of such materials are made of platinum curing machine, environmental protection is very good. In the medical, infant products and other high-end industries are widely used.