Silicone spatula is better than traditional materials

- Mar 20, 2018-

1. The material is safe and inexhaustible. Silicon is the second most abundant material on Earth (the first is water). This is no match for metal, wood, bamboo or nylon. Lefkon silicone spatula is made of food-grade silicone and is as safe as a baby's pacifier.

   2. Material health: non-toxic and odorless, silicone does not breed bacteria, and has a certain degree of antibacterial effect, not easy to damp, not easy to mold.

    3. Material environmental protection. Silicone is recognized as an environmentally friendly material and is eco-friendly.

   4. The use of smart: Lefcon silicone spatula, shovel body and handle constitute about 130 degrees, the perfect fit pot surface, shovel body flexibility, use 360 degrees without dead ends, flat bottom, round bottom, semi-bottom pan pot are good use.

    5. Easy to clean, no oily food remains. Clean and clean, so that bacteria have no place to live. Mobile phone, machine wash can be.

    6. Easy to dry, good storage, hanging in a ventilated place. Meiyu weather is not as easy to mold as other materials spatula.

   7. Temperature -40 °C ~ 250 degrees. Can meet the needs of family food cooking. Winter will not be deformed because it is too cold.

    8. Slow heat conduction. Cooking is not hot.

    9. Mute. Silicone spatula and metal, ceramic pan friction does not produce noise. There was no harsh clinking sound in the ground.

10. Durable. long lasting!