Silicone tableware and ordinary tableware contrast

- May 15, 2018-

  In real life, we have a variety of tableware of different materials, there are ceramics and plastic glass and stainless steel, but in use we will find: ceramic tableware design is very beautiful, people at first glance Well, but the ceramic itself is very hard, so if you accidentally touch it, you will be gapped or broken, and you can only throw it away.

  Although the plastic tableware will not appear ceramic phenomenon, but used friends know that plastic tableware is dirty after it is difficult to clean, and sometimes need to go to battle with hot water and detergent, we all know the cleaning agent More or less some chemical substances are contained, but it is not good to use more.

  The last thing to say is stainless steel cutlery. The appearance of stainless steel meal is beautiful and durable, but it is prone to rusting if it is improperly protected. Moreover, because of the relationship of this material, we find that stainless steel products are not heat-resistant, dissipate heat quickly, and do not leave salt for a long time. Soy sauce and vinegar. It is also not possible to wash with baking soda, bleach, sodium hypochlorite, and the like. Because these substances are all strong electrolytes, they react electrochemically with stainless steel.

  By comparison, we still found that the current market is relatively good for tableware or silicone materials. It is collapsible, kneadable, reversible, does not absorb oil, and has a desiccant effect. It will not become moldy and deteriorate due to long-term storage, and the high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance of silicone material itself will not cause aging. Or the phenomenon of melting appears after heating at a high temperature, which is very suitable for our life now. Is a tableware that is worth recommending.

  Through understanding the silicone tableware, we can understand that silicone tableware is not only non-toxic and tasteless, easy to clean, high temperature and long life, there are also many advantages, silicone utensils kitchen utensils, trustworthy!